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Our Services

Let us help you plan your dream vacation, S.T.A.R. Life Experience, or investment in Jamaica. Picture yourself on your property in Jamaica with loved ones. We love Jamaica and together we can make this happen. Visit Jamaica and fall in love with its beauty.


Clink the service you are interested in below to contact us for consultation. 

We provide free 15-minute consultations.  Just send us an email and lets get started.

Want to become a Jamaican? We can assist you in obtaining your citizenship.

Set up a consult today.

Everyone can invest in Jamaica and we should because there is ample opportunity to live your dream life in this tropical paradise.  

The first step is your TRN Tax Registration Number. 

Set up a consult today. 

Our Seasonal Transformational All-Inclusive Retreat Luxury Experience is a great way to network and meet new people and also meet yourself as we explore the inner and outer journey of this life and transform ourselves and the world.

We have opportunities to buy land and build your dream home in a community of like-minded individuals. 

Set up a consult today. 

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. We are in this for the long run, generation after generation.  If you have a business idea and want to discuss partnerships set up a consult today. 

M.O.S.A.I.C. Experience


Dr. Tanika Lawrence

I founded M.O.S.A.I.C. to inspire positive change in the world. I envision a world where everyone has a healthy mind, body, and soul, and cultivates loving relationships with themselves and others. Join me on this journey to create a beautiful M.O.S.A.I.C - A Movement Of Social And Individual Consciousness."
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