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Non Profit Affiliations

M.O.S.A.I.C. Travel and Tours is affiliated with two grassroots, non-profit organizations that have done work to strengthen local communities with two different approaches. One aims to give the tools to the able-bodied individuals to create businesses in agriculture for themselves. The other makes sure the most vulnerable and often overlooked members are cared for and shown compassion. We look forward to the continued support of these two organizations to foster sustainability within our communities

Farm Up Jamaica

We are a United States 501(c)(3) Charity Organization. We are Jamaicans and friends who live worldwide and love Jamaica. We have a heartfelt interest to see the island recover.


Our mission is to help Jamaica reduce its food imports, increase exports, create jobs, agri-entrepreneurship opportunities and help reduce crime and poverty by putting idle hands to idle lands. We achieve this by educating youth and distressed farmers in the best-practices of Organic Climate-Smart Agriculture. 


Kris Kross Jamaica

Kris Kross Jamaica is located in Belgium but  operates in Jamaica, where the focus is on promoting the wellbeing of children and the elders.

Supply food bags and care bags to the elderly.

Supports the children, within the area of education and evolution.

Supports the local farmers, so that food and harvest can be supplied to the elderly and the schools.

The positive energy of giving is contagious. With just one act of kindness, you can inspire others to go out and plant seeds of happiness through giving too. 

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