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MOSAIC: How it Started

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

MOSAIC started out as my poetic alias.

The name M.O.S.A.I.C. flowed to me like water one day while I was contemplating a name to introduce myself as for my very first spoken word performance. It was December of 2020 and I was preparing to share my poetry for the first time in public as I faced my fear of public speaking as part of my healing process.

Over the years I have used poetry as a way to dive deep, question, reflect, observe, learn, motivate, inspire, uplift, and understand. Poetry for me has been a tool to decipher the truth within my heart when energies in motion aka E-motions began to storm. Poetry provides a space for me to take time, realign, as I listen to the whispers of the winds of thought as they blow through the corners of my mind.

When E-motions flood my chest I use poetry to express, release, and make it make sense. My passion for healing individually and collectively through the power of words came from depths of E-motions of sadness and pain within.

I realized I was contemplating on all the things I presumed wrong with not just the world but within me as well with hopes to change them. As noble as righting wrongs may seem, it is an imbalanced point of view. I was so focused on the broken pieces I lost sight of the whole. You cannot have the shadow without the light.

Thankfully though doing the meditative work of conscious observation and reflection I was able to see what was manifesting as a result of my energy and I was able to fine-tune my vibration and shift towards more awareness joy and bliss.

Acknowledgment and acceptance of the perfectly imperfect rebalances the entire system. That surrender places one into the dwelling of the secret place of the most-high, under the shadow of the almighty, and restores peace to the soul.

Being a being with massive energies in motion, the relation of movement between self and others is often distinguishably indistinguishable. The awareness and acceptance of this truth is the divine vibration of love.

As I evolve individually and in unison with the energies surrounding me I embrace and surrender to the experience of life and love. The journey within the embodiment of MOSAIC as a creative expression of my soul has been a magical experience.

The containment of E-motions within the chambers of my heart and the awakening to its truth has brought forth a peace that nourishes and grows deeper and deeper within each day like a tree planted by the rivers of water.

A seed has never wasted time growing but brings forth fruit in due season. There were times in my life when it seemed time was being wasted and what I didn’t realize was that during that time of seeming endless stagnation I was being fortified for what was to come.

After my first performance, I went into a deep discovery of exactly what MOSAIC means to me and what started as a form of self-expression and has evolved from a personal and private space of living, loving, and healing to a shared one.

I have expanded to make new connections with people and travel to places I have never been physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and I am grateful to be able to be in this space and time with every breath.

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